Do Things For Yourself, Not Just For Others

Today I’m going off script, because this isn’t what I was supposed to write about. All of the other “31 Days of Self-Care” topics have been pulled from lists compiled by other people. I haven’t cited any sources because most of these lists say the same things with the wording changed. They’ve likely copied from one another, adding or deleting things, and I haven’t been able to locate the headwaters of this particular metaphorical Nile.

I’ve been writing this daily series to keep myself in the blogging habit. It’s been a way to build trust with you, the reader, that I’m going to be consistent in my posting (even though, starting in June, I’m cutting back to twice per week in a push for quality over quantity). That’s been a mixed bag, because the number of hit fluctuates wildly. There are a handful of people who visit consistently, but I wonder how many people just wander in on a post-by-post basis.

Do Things For Yourself, Not Just For Others

While I do hope that the things I’ve been posting this month have been useful to you, I’m ultimately doing it for me. My goal has been to try to include personal anecdotes and reveal a bit of my authentic self, because I’m trying to connect with you. That’s intended to make these posts more interesting for you, but ultimately I’m doing it for me.

This blog is important to me. I’m not sure why. I’m still trying to work that out. But it clearly is, because I keep coming back to it. That I’ve had a blog in some form, off and on, for 22 speaks to some unfulfilled need. Expressing myself is a form of self-care, but so is this attempt to create something. I appreciate you sticking with me through this prolonged experiment, and hope that you’ll stick with me. In the end, though, I’m doing this for me.

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