The Pros and Cons of Blogging

After taking some time away from this site to focus on personal and professional issues, I have time to begin blogging again. This is where I become torn, and start weighing the pros and cons of blogging. There are reasons why I periodically walk away from blogging. There are also reason why I keep coming back. Neither side is necessarily grounded in rational arguments. The real question is whether I get anything out of this experience, and if those outcomes are worth what I have to put into it.

The Pros and Cons of Blogging

The upside is that I do want to be able to express myself in a space that’s not strictly commercial. By that I mean, not every word I write has to be, or should be, for publication. I want a space where I can just say things, and not have to mull over where I can sell those words or for how much. This is the dilemma of the entrepreneurial writer.

I also want to connect with people. For me that’s more about quality than quantity. A handful of engaged followers is better than a legion who click “like” by rote. The problem is that not many people read blogs. It’s become harder over the years to find the people who do. If we’re being honest, I probably give up and go on hiatus before the blog has time to build any momentum. It’s a matter of sticking with it even when it’s not showing any results.

Fear of Success… and Trolls

Which brings me to the next honest confession: I’m sort of afraid of attracting new readers. One of the reasons I’m not on social media is that there are some pretty horrible people in the world. That’s on top of the whole sell your data, let Nazis run loose while people who criticize Nazis get banned, terms of service stating the platform owns your stuff, letting algorithms decide what you get to see, and other plethora of issues with social media. I just don’t want to deal with the rude, cruel, and willfully ignorant.

So here I sit, wondering if it’s worth it. I’ve planned out three months’ worth of blog posts. They’re outlined. A few are already written. I’m doubling down on the whole simplify – create – thrive mantra. I have things to say. The question is, can I get anyone to listen? Is this the best use of my time? Could I simply continue to whine into my journal, or will this blossom into some sort of community, with genuine conversation? Will I end up fighting off trolls and spammers again?

I keep coming back to this because I enjoy it. My justification is that I use blogging as a warm-up exercise. Write something here, then when I’m sure I’ve had plenty of coffee and woken up sufficiently, go work on the writing that pays the bills. That’s crap. I like blogging. I like talking to hypothetical readers, and hoping that they turn into real readers some day.

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  1. > I like blogging. I like talking to hypothetical readers, and hoping that they turn into real readers some day.

    In my book, that’s reason enough to keep doing it. 🙂

  2. Hi! I’m a scary new reader. I’m also finding so much resonance in what and how you write that it takes my breath away. I’ll probably be quiet for a bit, as I’ve a lot of “back issues” to go through. But … hello! I’m pleased to make your acquaintance.

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