Getting Used to Two Bullet Journals

In the near future I’ll be writing more formal articles about bullet journaling, but I wanted to add a few notes now. Back in May I switched from using whatever journal happened to be cheapest to a Leuchtturm1917, the Cadillac of bullet journals. There are several reasons for this, which I’ll get into shortly. Last week I bought a second Leuchtturm1917, in a different color, for business. Now I’m getting used to two bullet journals.

A Sense of Self-Esteem

After years of working out of college-ruled composition books, and later any cheap journal I found on sale, I stepped up. I rarely spend money on myself, but I want the few things that matter to be nice. Since I pretty much live out of a journal, using it as a day planner, to-do list, and diary, it made sense to have something sturdy. If I was touching it several times a day, every day, I wanted something to remind me that I’m worth it.

Dress for the Job You Want

The old adage is that you should dress for the job you want, not the job you have. It helps you to feel as if you belong in that job, and it affects how other people perceive you as well. As I’ve been working to grow my business, it made sense to finally split things out. I have two different Chrome profiles on my computer, on personal and one for work, with separate bookmarks. I’ve been working hard to keep my email separate, after years of having personal and professional addressed flow into one box. The next logical step was separate bullet journals.

While I’m still a sole practitioner working from the kitchen table, I’m starting to have meetings with people outside of the apartment. I bring my journal along because it has a ton of business-related information in it — project plans, sales figures, you name it. That stuff doesn’t need to be on the page after a recipe I wanted to capture, and before my current health tracker. Professional contacts don’t need to see that stuff. So it all migrated into a separate book.

Getting Used to Two Bullet Journals

There’s still some back-and-forth, because not everything has been copied over. Not everything needs to be. The business bujo is nominally about 2019, planning for it and eventually tracking in. There’s a future log, of course, starting in January. I have standard operating procedure (SOP) information in there. Project plan spreads for things in the works are in there. Contacts are in there. Beyond that, I’m only doing a monthly spread. I can see appointments. I know what projects I need to work on, and can live out of those spreads.

I’m going to continue using my personal bullet journal for weekly spreads, just to double-down on reminders, and that’s where the back-and-forth will continue. The personal journal will have the big picture. The work journal will have the tight focus.

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  1. If I recall correctly, you were a big fan of Getting Things Done back in the day. If you’re still leveraging that system (or some variant) I’m curious about how you integrate it into your bullet journals.

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