Blogging as an Act of Self-Care

As my schedule begins to open up, I can once again devote time to blogging. Most of this year has been about growing my business while addressing my personal needs. That meant sticking a pin in everything from the podcast I do with my wife Katie to my company’s release schedule. I need to take a hard look at what I was doing, why I was doing it, and whether I wanted to keep doing all of those various things. All of those other things have shaken out. Where I landed with this site is that blogging as an act of self-care for me. That’s how it adds value to my life, and has to potential to convey that value to others as well.

Blogging as an Act of Self-Care

My decision to resume blogging was an issue of self-care, not commerce. It is my means of self-expression. This is how I connect with the world. My physical isolation is mostly voluntary, but it’s not always healthy. I love living on what could be described as the outskirts of town. It’s beautiful here, and mostly quiet. Working from home, being self-employed, is something I treasure. I still need to connect with people other than my wife, even if it’s across the internet.

Blog as Social Media Replacement

A personal website doesn’t have the reach of a social network. Some people see that as a bug. I see it as a feature. If you’re reading this, you’ve chosen to be here. You didn’t click like or follow and now some algorithm periodically chooses to  share something I’ve posted. You made the effort to read this. I appreciate that. I would rather have a handful of people like you than a million superficial followers. That’s meaningful to me. I count it as self-care, because it filters out most of the hateful nonsense on the social networks.

Welcome to My Site

To get what I need from this blog also requires effort. I have to work to make this an attractive space for the sort of people I want to connect with. It has to align with the ways that I want to express myself, and become a platform for the types of things I want to say. Now that I’ve got time built into my schedule to so that, I can finally build the kind of site I’ve always wanted.

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After taking a hiatus to deal with some personal and professional necessities, I’m back to blogging regularly! All of the posts will adhere to the theme of simplify – create – thrive and living a simple, productive, and happy life. If you’d like to follow along, add your email to the box on the sidebar (if you’re on a laptop) or down below (on mobile) and hit that subscribe button!

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