Why I Hate the Term Minimalist (But Use It Anyway)

Clearly, I’m a minimalist. Quality, in most cases, is innately better than quantity. More is not better, it’s just more. Less clutter means an easier life. Keep it simple, slappy. Yet I don’t like calling myself a minimalist. I hate the term minimalist. Allow me to explain why.

Why I Hate the Term Minimalist

“Minimalism” is a concept. The practical implementation of that concept, the methodology, is a tool. It’s not the goal. Being a minimalist is not an end unto itself. Too many people seem to miss that point. Eliminate what you don’t need, so you can focus on what you do need. Cut out what you don’t want, and save your resources for what you truly desire. Eliminating things just for the sake of eliminating things is a meaningless activity.

When you get right down to it, minimalism is just a budget. Not for your money, but for your time, the space you have available to you, and other finite resources. With a traditional budget, you know how much money you have. You know what you need, and what you want. From there, you prioritize. What gets you what you want. Where is the best return on your investment? How do you get the best return on your investment?

(But Use It Anyway)

Unfortunately, minimalism is the term that’s caught on. If I want anyone to know what i’m talking about, I have to use it. While that gets people into the ballpark, I still have to explain what I mean. It’s like when I talk about what I do, the things I write, I have to reference Dungeons & Dragons for the benefit of people who don’t know what tabletop roleplaying game. I don’t write for D&D, but it’s something they’ve heard of. People may have a notion of minimalism from those two guys or that Japanese lady or some blog. From there I can navigate to what I’m about.

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