Standing on the Shoulders of Giants

It’s not often that I’ll talk about tabletop roleplaying games in this space. That’s my day job, and my company has it’s own website specifically for that stuff. This is a rare exception, for a cause. I’ve resurrected a couple of out-of-print titles for the current Bundle of Holding. These aren’t Dancing Lights Press books — they’re from my predecessor company, Asparagus Jumpsuit, a third-party publisher that created material for properties like the Pathfinder Role Playing Game and Fate. As such, they’re going back into the vault at the end of the year. They likely won’t see the light of day again after that.

Standing on the Shoulders of Giants

“If I have seen further it is by standing on the shoulders of Giants.”

Sir Isaac Newton, 1675

Even though I’m no longer what’s called a third party publisher — someone who creates material for someone else’s game system — there’s no irony in bringing back those titles. The charity involved in this bundle is the Electronic Frontier Foundation. Among other things, the EFF has fought for the rights of creators to reuse, remix, and reimagine existing creative works. The titles I’ve included in this bundle not only utilize other peoples’ game mechanics (albeit under license), but are a riff on classic Star Trek and the best Christmas movie ever, Santa Claus Conquers the Martians.

Without the EFF, the right to legally adapt and modify existing works in the creation of new material might not exist as we know it. In the absence of those rights, there would have been no Asparagus Jumpsuit. With no Asparagus Jumpsuit, we would have no Dancing Lights Press. So I happily participate in this bundle as a way of paying it back to the EFF, and paying it forward to future creators.

Support the Electronic Frontier Foundation

If you’re interested in great tabletop roleplaying games, check out the Bundle of Holding. In addition to the deal I’m participating in, they have other bundles with a variety of other games. Each bundle supports a different charity, like the Wildlife Conservation Society, American Veterans Archaeological Recovery, and the ConTessa Foundation. If roleplaying’s not your thing but you know someone who loves games, you can even send a bundle as a gift! It’s great fun for a great cause, every time.

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