Wildfires, Wars, and Other Disasters

For me, it’s not about politics. It’s about basic decency. Call it compassion, call it ethics, call it mortality, I don’t care what label you put on it. When people are suffering, your instincts should be to fix the problem, not fix the blame. You reach out. You do something to help. It is always, in times of crisis, about them. It is never, during these moments, about you. If those aren’t your natural instincts I think you’re broken somehow. Something inside of you doesn’t function properly. Even a high-functioning sociopath knows that they need to fake it to maintain appearances, even if they don’t feel it.


A total stranger commented to me that I’d probably lecture the California evacuees about minimalism. Some crack about how if they had less stuff, they’d have less to lose. This person obviously doesn’t know me. That sort of comment would never come out of my mouth. Losing everything you own is never about stuff. It’s about losing the place where you felt safe. These people have lost their connection to family, to community, to their world around them. I don’t care if you live in a mansion or a tiny house, have a home that’s utterly spartan or packed to the rafters with junk, that’s your base. Where you live is tethered to your identity, your very sense of self, in so many ways. That loss is always devastating. My heart hurts for those people.


I’m no fan of war. While I recognize that it is an occasional necessity, it should always be the last resort and entered into with regret. I have unpopular opinions, I know. But you honor the people who fought and died for a cause. You just do. Whether the cause was just, or they got thrown into a meat grinder against their will because their government required them to do so, they faced down hell. Again, families and communities lost loved ones. Have some respect and compassion for them. Show up. It is literally the least you can do. But what do I expect? There’s always a lot of lip service around supporting the troops, but I spent three years helping homeless veterans who were living on the streets abandoned and forgotten.

Other Disasters

Sorry, I’m just tired of certain types of people today.


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