I Think I’m Done with Twitter

This morning I tried to log onto Twitter, and was met with a strange sight. Across the top of the screen was a banner stating that my account had been suspended. At the same time, a bunch of animated balloons flew across the screen because it’s my birthday. A little bit of mixed messaging there, Jack. I wish that I could have gotten a screen grab.

Clicking on the provided link took me to a page of very generic information. Reasons why my account might have been suspended. A list of the rules, none of which I had broken. How to file an appeal. I went through with the latter, which asked me what my issue was (my answer: “You suspended my account, you tell me what the problem was”) and a bunch of standard verification stuff.

After I got an email confirming that my appear had been received, I got another email stating that my account had been suspended. Seriously? No sh!t. The email stated that they shut me down for “violating our rules against evading permanent suspension.”

Okay, I’ve never had a Twitter account suspended. Not even a 12-hour stint in Twitter jail. I’ve certainly never had a permanent suspension laid on me, or been threatened with such. I don’t even have multiple accounts any more. I shut down my personal account months ago, and the only one left — the one that got suspended — is the business account. I go out of my way to always be professional and avoid controversy on that account.

If they’d said it was spam, because I post a lot of links to products, sales, and blog posts, okay, maybe. I’d fight that, but sure, I post a lot of links to outside content, maybe some algorithm got tripped. Nope, that wasn’t it. If they suspended it for using a third-party app to post, okay, I use Buffer to schedule posts. But no, that wasn’t it.

Twitter has actual fncking white supremacists with blue check boxes, and somehow my business account gets flagged for a perma-ban.

Lately I’ve been bucking the definition of insanity that talks about doing the same thing and expecting different results. Twitter has never worked for me. Links don’t get followed. There’s no jump in either blog traffic or sales. Yet somehow I though that this time, this time I could build a following and somehow make it work.

I’ll wait and see what the result of the appeal is, mainly because I’m curious. At this point I think that even if they restore the account, I’l turn around and shut it down. Between the lack of return on investment and the absence of credible controls on hate speech, it’s something I and the business can live without. I’m just taking this as a sign to move on.

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  1. That’s what’s galling. I get bounced for vague unexplained reasons and have to wait days to see if I genuflected properly and will be let back in, while people like that operate unfettered.

  2. Back in the 2016 election, there was a woman who was extremely anti-gay and pro Trump who said some caustic and completely homophobic things. Twitter suspended me because I said that I wished both her daughters to become lesbians and turn their backs upon her. Relatively harmless, as I have no ability to turn anyone gay or straight, but it apparently was enough for Twitter to suspend me.

    I still get the occasional message from them telling me that my account could easily be restored if I would just delete that single tweet. I have steadfastly refused, which is why I no longer have a presence on Twitter. If one does not make a stand, what does anyone stand for?

  3. Of course she is. Because somehow railing against the evil homosexuals who just want to live their life and love who they choose is somehow more legitimate than pointing out that her daughters could easily be that which she hates and fears the most.

  4. Another good reason why I am fine letting my twitter account molder in genuine neglect.

    But, I will be curious to know if they will ever explained WTF it was that made them oh so goshdarned unhappy with your account that they felt this was appropriate.

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