Just Punch Me and Get It Over With

In spite of the title, I’m filing this one under “self-care”. 

So the day started with the Twitter thing, which remains unresolved. Their automatic form letter said a few days. After poking around the internet, other people say it’s more like a couple of weeks before you hear anything. Fine. I’ll take it as a blessing in disguise, a sign that I should cut bait on social media and focus my time and energy elsewhere. To that end, I also posted graphics to both my personal and business Instagram accounts, stating that I’m taking a break and directing folks to check out the respective websites instead. Rather than an annoyance, it ends up as things off my plate. Yay!

The post about my banishment yielded more engagement than this blog has had in a while, so that should be a “yay” as well. But I’m currently battling some seasonal depression, so I feel obligated to point out that it’s never my planned out, carefully constructed posts that bring in the hits and comments and emails. It’s always the rants and the negative content. Sigh.

And while this will inevitably sound petulant, my depression would also like to inform you that even though the third line of that post clearly states that it’s my birthday not a single person said “happy birthday”. I didn’t put it there because I was fishing, I just found the “your account is suspended, have some birthday balloons!” experience a bit surreal. Y’all just want to share your own bad experiences and emotions about Twitter, though.

There Were Good Parts

The middle part of the day was great, and I’m going to write about that in more detail tomorrow. Seriously, most of my day was absolutely awesome. No sarcasm here. Happiness reigns.

But Seriously, Just Punch Me

But to bookend the Twitter thing, I get another weird swerve at the end of the day. Nothing serious (for me), but the kind of thing that my depression loves to latch onto. I’m going to have to be vague about this, because I don’t want to upset any of the other parties involved, but it bugs the crap out of me. There was a charity thing I was involved in. Everyone was told the recipient was going to be one organization, but without notice the organizers changed it so the money went to another organization. I only found out after the fact, and wasn’t upset because it still went to a good cause.

However, the original organization found out that they were no longer the recipient after the fact, too. The reason for the change turns out to be completely bogus. Someone is obviously lying about something, but it’s not clear who or about what. And now there’s drama. I’m not in the middle of it, but I’m adjacent to it and wow, yeah, I’m not comfortable or happy with it. My depression is going to be blowing this up into a really big deal for a few days, so I have that to look forward too.

The takeaway on this is that while I did have a really good day, strange and awkward things are happening. There was food and fun, but also some random downer stuff. I’m in a weird head space as a result of it.

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  1. Oh dear what a weird day. Happy birthday! I hope it’s still the 13 in Finland. Here it’s already the 14 and I’m just reading this.
    Let’s hope for snow that sticks soon! That helps me a lot with the SAD.
    This is probably a bit garbled, but I hope you get that there are people who care.

  2. I have the same response to not having birthdays acknowledged on social media. It isn’t rational, I know it isn’t rational, so for the most part, I’ve stopped sharing my birthday on social media at all. My reasoning being, if it hurts me, I know it’s stupid to let it hurt me, why am I letting it – why am I even sharing the info in the first place.

    And, that just happens to have been the first email notification I clicked on, so it got the first comment I’ve made on your blog in ages. Clicked on it first because Twitter has been a life line at work, but it is increasingly less so. I don’t know if I’ll just start ignoring it or abandon it, but I’m approaching a “something’s got to give” juncture point with it for certain.

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