About Me, December 2018

Hi. I’m Berin.┬áSomeone suggested that I write one of these introduction pages once a month, because I stubbornly refuse to have an “about” page. So this is About Me, December 2018.

For those just tuning in, I can comfortably be described using the following terms. These are presented in no particular order, of course.

  • Writer
  • Game designer
  • Indie Publisher
  • Entrepreneur
  • Project manager
  • Productivity wonk
  • Bullet journal enthusiast
  • Husband
  • Expat
  • Immigrant
  • Curmudgeon

Allow me to expand on those bullet points a bit.

About Me, December 2018

I write this blog, which is focused on simplifying your life, increasing your creativity, and finding happiness and contentment. That’s also here the “productivity wonk” and “bullet journal enthusiast” come in. I love organizing things and finding more time for self-care. This, I do for fun because they tell me no one on the internet reads any more and blogging us dead.

I write books about character development, worldbuilding, and story design geared toward tabletop roleplaying games, which is how I pay the bills. I also design games, which are published by the company I own and operate, Dancing Lights Press. That’s where the “entrepreneur” and “project manager” points become relevant, because they take up more of my time than the writing and design.

Whether I’m an expat or an immigrant depends upon your perspective. I’m a United State citizen who’s been living in Finland since 2014. An expat is someone living abroad with the expectation that they’ll go back to their home country eventually. An immigrant is someone who considers the place they’ve settled to be their new home. I want to stay here forever, so I consider myself an immigrant. But I don’t have permanent residence (yet), so the government considers me an expat.

I’m in Finland because my wife Katie is here for graduate school. She’s an artist, a teacher, and an educational researcher. I love her with all of my heart.

The curmudgeon thing is well-earned and I own it. I’m not on social media because it’s filled with too many rude, cruel, and willfully ignorant people. They make me grouchy, so I avoid them. I like peace and quiet, and I tend to keep to myself. There are plenty of polite, kind, and intelligent people that I like just fine, and I save my free time for them.



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