Thrive: A Magna Carta

My biggest accomplishment of 2018 was probably hitting the point of burnout back in March. That probably sounds like a strange statement. No one looks at exhaustion as a good thing, right? Maybe we need to revisit that notion, though. I wasn’t paying attention to the signs, until my mind and body forced me to make some necessary change. How is that not a good thing?

Over the past several months I have questioned the value of just about everything in my life. My possessions, my creative process, the projects I’d taken on, and my long-term goals. I needed to align things so that there was a Big Picture to focus on. Not a bunch of random tasks, but a greater purpose to the things that I was doing. I also needed to do them in a sane and healthy way.

Thrive: What I Don’t Want

If you’ve read some of my posts lately, you’ll notice a theme of me going against the grain. I have no interest in doing things that way that other people do them, just because that’s how it’s “supposed” to be done. I reject things that don’t get me the results that I need. If it’s not making me money and growing my business¬†and providing me with creative satisfaction, it’s of no use to me. Anything that serves as a barrier to entry is also out the window. Oh, and it also has to satisfy my sense of personal ethics.

Thrive: What I Do Want

I want to stay in Finland. Everything that I do has to feed into the goals of permanent residence and eventual citizenship. Right now, that means growing the business and making money. I have to feel good about the things that I create and release into the world. That means that I need to love the final product, be satisfied with the quality, and know that my business practices and those of the entities I partner with are ethical*. So it really just comes down to doing my best work every day, and allowing that to continue gathering momentum.

*Yeah, I know, I have things for sale on Amazon. That internal struggle is fodder for a whole other blog post.

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