Celebrating Katie’s Birthday

Today’s Katie’s birthday. Of course, she’s out on a consulting gig for most of the day, and I’m at work as usual. That doesn’t mean that we don’t have some fun things planned.

For dinner I’m making her meatloaf, mashed potatoes, and brussels sprouts. She requests this every year. I make the meatloaf with dark rye bread, and top it with barbecue sauce. There has to be enough left over to make sandwiches later in the week — also part of her request. The brussels sprouts are slice in half, tossed in olive oil, and roasted under the broiler.

It’s become a tradition that we watch Spock’s Brain — the terrible Star Trek: The Original Series episode — for her birthday. Katie thinks it’s hilarious. I can look forward to her randomly shouting “Brain and brain! What is brain!?!” for the next several weeks. Netflix is dropping a new Russell Brand special, and she wants to see that. Jane Eyre is her favorite book, and there’s a film version she hasn’t seen, so if we have time we’ll watch that. If not today, then later in the week as we’re eating leftover meatloaf.

Instead of a cake, she wants to go have tea this weekend in a little shop she discovered with some of her friends. They serve proper tea, with one of those tiered trays full of little sandwiches and pastries. It’s the Yule market this weekend as well, so we’ll walk off our treats there.

It’s low-key, but that’s what she wants. No presents, no party, no big to-do. She hates being the center of attention, so a birthday party is right out. I think she’d kill someone if they tried to throw her a surprise party.┬áJust a nice time doing some things she enjoys.

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  1. Many happy returns of the day! The plan sounds just right.

    Spock’s Brain footnote. They identify “ion drive” as nicely advanced. NASA’s already driven two small probes for years with ion drives (Deep Space 1, and Dawn). Whee!

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