Whatever Happened to HUBRIS?

Last year I launched a zine called HUBRIS: The Journal of Cultural Horror. I’d planned to do a six-issue run to see how it did. If it sold well enough, I’d keep going. As long as I was having fun with it, and it wasn’t adversely impact my other work, I’d keep going. Six issues seemed like enough to get some data, so if I needed to retool my format a little bit and make adjustments, I could do that in a second six-issue run.

I made it five issues before I burned out. While I had some material for the sixth and final issue, and plenty of ideas, I just couldn’t do it. My intention was to take a little break and finish the run, but once I laid it down I couldn’t bring myself to pick it up again.

Whatever Happened to HUBRIS?

The problem wasn’t the workload, although that was challenging. Roughly 48 pages of material per month, on top of other writing projects and deadlines. All of the research required to write informative and meaningful articles. It was a stretch, but in a good way. I sort of figure that if the workload was too much, I could either cut the page count down to 32 pages per issue, or shift it to every-other month or even quarterly with the second run.

What killed me was the content. I should have seen that coming. The entire premise of “cultural horror” was to point out the monsters of the world. All of the hidden, horrible things that weren’t getting enough news coverage. My intentions were good. I thought I was shining a light into the darkness, and speaking truth to power. The abject bleakness of it all broke me, though. It was incredibly depressing. It was a major contributing factor to my mini-breakdown last spring.

It’s not coming back.

Subject matter aside, doing a zine was a blast. That’s why I’m going to be launching a new Patreon campaign in the 2019. It will be centered around this site, the topics of simplify, create, thrive, and will be a sort of reverse zine. All will be explained in an upcoming post, but know this: I took the better part of this year off from the Invisible College of Blogs to make a plan that allows me to put something positive into the world without burning myself out at the same time. Stay tuned.


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