The New Patreon Plan

My goal for this year has been to get back into blogging in a consistent, mindful, and manageable way. This meant taking a step back and looking at my capabilities, my schedule, and the sustainability of the subject matter I want to write about. There’s no point in trying to operate a blog if you aren’t able to post regularly, or if you run out of things to say after a few weeks. That’s why I’ve taken my time, haven’t made any grandiose announcements, and have been working on a new Patreon plan.

The New Patreon Plan

The focus is going to be on this blog, and the themes of simplify, create, thrive. The same sort of content that I’ve been concentrating on all year — minimalism, journaling, productivity, self-care, and the like. Sharing my personal experiences. Trying to be open and honest. Offering up what’s worked for me and what hasn’t, and hopefully letting fellow travelers know that they’re not the only person struggling with these things.

Patrons will get to see most new posts first. 72 hours later, those posts will still appear here. Don’t worry that all content is going to disappear behind a paywall — I hate that, too. At the beginning of each month, I’m going to collect the previous month’s posts into a digital zine format. There will be a cover, a table of contents, and some bonus article that will only appear there. It will be downloadable from Patreon in PDF, Kindle, and epub formats. If you find an ebook format easier to read than individual blog posts, this is for you. There will also be occasional special issues, where I collect posts on a specific topic or theme and anthologize them.

If you want to keep reading this blog as-is, you can. The Patreon will be a way for people to support the site, keep me in coffee, and an encourage me to keep writing. Plus, there will be early access, and a few little extra that you won’t get here on the site. It’s a small thing, but it will help me to maintain my focus here, exercise some creative muscles on non-RPG writing, and provide another way for us to connect.

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