Blogmas is Coming

At some point in November I decided to do a “12 Days of Christmas” blog thing. To be obstinate, it will  not run on the dozen days leading up to 25 December, but on the actual 12 days of Christmas. Which means starting on Christmas Day, and ending on Epiphany in January. Blogmas is coming!

Originally I considered posting about Christmas ever day, but that didn’t inspire me. I also entertained the possibility that someone would say “Why are you writing about Christmas on December 27th!” because, you know, Christmas Police. So I’m going to put the blog in Blogmas, and write about blogging.

I know, there are far more popular bloggers who have already written definitive advice on blogging. That’s not what I plan to do. Some of what I want to discuss is my own process, and why I get out of doing this. There are some news stories about the death and/or resurgence of blogging (Schrödinger’s blog) that I want to comment on. I’ve got my own opinions on why, in a social media age, blogs aren’t going to go away.

Remember, I’m also the guy that publishes books that only contain words, no pictures, in a world where reading for pleasure is missing and presumed dead.

Assuming I can get the new Patreon up and running in January, an ebook version collecting all of the Blogmas posts will be one of the first rewards for patrons. This whole series is going to be a test run for both how I run both the Patreon and this blog going forward. It’s an experiment. Come along for the ride, and we can see how it turns out together.


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