Mid-Month Status Update: December 2018

This is a reminder that a monthly status page exists, updated periodically as something worth mentioning happens. I edit that post as needed, rather than creating short posts and spamming the inboxes of subscribers. It’s a way to communicate short bits of information, and document things that are probably boring to general readers of this blog.

A key learning so far is that I don’t need to wrack my brain looking for things to talk about on the update page. When days go by without an update it’s not that I’ve forgotten. It means that things are stable, and I’m busy working on normal stuff. The update page isn’t supposed to be a project.

My word count for the month (as of 14 December) stands at 23,332 words. That’s an average of 1666 words per day. I have written something every day, which is the point. Blogging does not count toward this total, only my current work in project. The most words in a day so far has been 4404, the least a measly 78.

I am trying to focus on one thing at a time. Which means only one work in progress at a time. I’ve been trying to block out my time so that I have a minimum of 2 hours devoted to a single thing, instead of attempting to write while baking break and doing laundry. Focus.

So far this month, though, I have not been reading more. That’s a goal. I think it’s suffering from the “one thing at a time” paradigm. Something in my longs to have the time to read a book from cover to cover, not in 2-hour blocks. I have been getting outside more, though, and consuming less audio/visual media.

Bullet journaling has been reduced to a monthly spread, threaded project spreads, and daily rapid logging. No more weekly spreads or long written journal entries. The latter might return as-needed, but going lean and mean is what I need right now. As long as information is being captured, can be accessed as needed, and I’m reminded of what I need to go and when, life is golden.



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