New Cold Who Dis?

There isn’t a new podcast episode because Katie and I are both sick. Neither of us had a voice yesterday, when we normally record. We hoped that we’d feel better this morning, so that we might at least put out a short episode, but it was a no-go. Not only are we croaky, talking for too long makes us start to cough.  The goal is to still record a late episode sometime this week, and be back on the regular schedule next weekend.

That’s also the reason there wasn’t a blog post yesterday. I’ve been good about posting at least once per day, but I just needed the rest. There was a post already written, but it needed to be edited and I wasn’t up to it. The good news is that I can edit it and post it later today, and be back on schedule.

New Cold Who Dis?

It’s just that time of year. A lot of people we know are sick. Katie was teaching younger kids this week, and could have picked something up from one of them. We’re already feeling better today, but trying to take it easy so we can hit the ground running Monday morning.

Fortunately, I made a ton of chicken stock and put it in the freezer. I can thaw it, throw in some frozen vegetables and a few fresh herbs, and we’ve got soup. If I’m feeling ambitious, I can make some rice or pasta to put in it.

I hope you’re all feeling well, getting your flu shots, and taking care of yourselves. Eat right! rink plenty of fluids! Get proper sleep! It’s never fun to be sick, but it’s less so when you’re sick over the holidays. Worrying about missing a deadline is one thing, but missing out on fun stuff just sucks.

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