Working Through Christmas

My list of blog post ideas says that I’m supposed to write about unfinished business of 2018 today. Things that didn’t get done, haven’t reached a satisfactory conclusion, or at least didn’t progress as far as I’d like them to. Prior to consulting that list, though, I came up with the idea of writing about why I’m working through Christmas. The two concepts converge, because they have more or less the same answer.

I’ve got a big, hairy, audacious goal. Because it’s so out there, I am in the continual process of trying to figure out ways to achieve it. There is no clear path here; I have to blaze my own trail. That means that I can’t pin a clear timeline on it. I know what many individual steps are, but I don’t always know how long they will take. There are problems that I need to solve, but sometimes I don’t even know those problems exist until they appear before me. While I sincerely believe that I will eventually achieve my big, hairy, audacious goal, I have no idea how or when I will do it.

Working Through Christmas

What I do know is that I’m not going to cross that finish line on my day off. I’m not going to get what I want while I’m binge-watching something on Netflix. I recognize the power of self-care and the need to rest, so I’m not going to burn myself out like I’ve done before; that puts me further away, not closer, to my goal. The truth is, though,  there’s nothing else that I want more in the world. I want it more than a week off between Christmas and New Year’s Day. So I’m willing to put in the hard work and dedication required to achieve it.

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