The Least Among Us

Someone tweeted “poor me” because he had to cancel his 16-day golf vacation due to his own petulant inaction. He also said that what’s happening in the country is a disgrace because he’s not getting his way. That was, apparently, after throwing shade at child who believes in Santa Claus.

Meanwhile, an 8-year-old Guatemalan boy died in government custody. It says “shortly after midnight on Tuesday”, but that’s today. He died on Christmas. Happy holidays, you damned Pharisees. We see how you treat the least among us.

The only thing worse than the actual events are the people conducting intellectual gymnastics to justify the cruelty, while simultaneously absolving themselves of any responsibility. As if there is anything to be said, as if anything should be said, after the words “a child has died“. Other than maybe tears and condolences, and a vow to never let this happen again.

The Least Among Us

It’s this kind of story that made me give up writing the zine. This is cultural horror, right here. This is the nightmare fuel that is generated by a society that has lost its moral compass and its ethical mandate. There is no other way to describe this other than psychotic. You have to be a genuine psychopath to just let this roll off of you like water off a duck’s back. Something is seriously wrong with people.

This is not political. It is not. This about basic human decency. It’s about having a bare minimum of empathy, and compassion, and kindness. While sets me off is that this is supposed to be the sacred day for Americans, especially the ones who think there’s a war on Christmas. This is the day when everyone is supposed to be extra nice, more loving, exceptionally generous.


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  1. I read the news of the 8yo boy’s death just a day after having read the story of the 7yo girl’s death and I’m not the knot in my chest has not eased up. As I watched my girl playing wildly yesterday, all I could think was how devastated those parents must be, how desolate, how lost. I want to rage. How can this be us?

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