We’re Basically Living in a Mr. Bean Sketch Now

So Individual 1 finally goes to pay a visit to the troops. First he “violated several diplomatic norms” and created an international incident, leading to Iraqi lawmakers demanding that the US withdraw from the country. Oops!

He lies to the troops, telling them they haven’t gotten a raise in 10 years (I think they know they got one just last year, as they have every single year for decades). Boinnng!

He keeps lying and tells them he’s gotten them a 10% raise (it’s 2.6%, I think they’ll notice the difference). Womp womp!

As a grand finale, he posts a video of him shaking hands with Navy Seals, which a) reveals their identities and potentially puts them in danger, b) reveals where they’re deployed, which is supposed to be classified, and c) is probably going to further infuriate the Iraqis. Ah-ooo-gah!

We’re basically living in a Mr. Bean sketch right now. Except, well, Mr. Bean had the “childlike wonder” thing going for him. He was also pretty clever sometimes, even if his ideas didn’t always work out. I don’t think anyone ever died because of Bean’s zany antics, either. Maybe Mr. Bean wasn’t the reference I was looking for. What was I thinking of? Oh. Right. We’re basically living in an Idiocracy now.

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