Why I Hate Blogging

Yesterday I wrote about why I keep coming back to blogging. There are definitely things about the medium that I love. Today I want to talk about why I keep walking away. I think I’ve figured it out, and that will help me to become a better, and more consistent, blogger. So let’s talk about why I hate logging.

Blogging Can Feel Forced

Conventional wisdom says that to be a successful blogger you need to have a schedule. Set an expectation as to what day and time the readers will see new posts. That all makes sense, but I don’t always have something worthwhile to say. Yeah, I can create a stockpile of generic posts to run, but there’s a reason those are designated as filler. If they were any good, they’d have been put in the regular queue. I can riff on something I saw in the news, or on another blog, or whatever, but that’s forced. You can tell when I’m writing to fill space, and when I’m writing because I care about the subject.

Blogging Can Pidgeonhole Me

For years I was the RPG blog guy. That mainly came from being one of the first, not because my content was particularly great. When I tried to branch out, though, people got mad. They wanted me to remain the RPG blog guy. Some people are still disappointed that I write about things other than games. The reason I came up with simplify, create, thrive as theme for this blog is because it’s so broad. I’m not jammed into being just a self-help blogger, or a lifestyle blogger, or a minimalist blogger. The themes are broad enough that I can write about nearly anything, so long as I do it in that context. It’s a personal blog at the end of the day, mostly because I don’t want to be trapped in any particular niche.

Blogging Can Distract Me from “Real” Writing

A couple of times I walked away from blogging because it was pulling me away from other work. Sometimes that was because the blog was more interesting than the freelance gig I had. It was definitely more appealing than the corporate day job, way back when. Most recently, I needed to narrow my focus so I could grow my business. I needed to push pause on blogging while I got my feet under me, creatively, with the writing the pays the bills. Since I don’t do this for money, it will always be a lower priority than any writing that helps me to make rent.

Blogging Can Attract Garbage People

I have had bad encounters with readers. Comments. Threats. Time-wasting nonsense. Nerve-wracking crap. At various times I’ve closed comments to shut it down. It’s why I did the zine, rather than writing those articles and posting them here. On some level I think I’ve subconsciously sabotaged my blogs at times, walking away when they start to gain some momentum, because I’ve had to deal with garbage people. They can suck the joy out of it.

Sometimes I Love Blogging

I think I’ve finally nailed it. There are ways to accomplish the things that I love, while avoiding most of the stuff listed above. Barring things outside of my control, I plan to continue writing this blog, staying on-topic, and growing it to a level I’m comfortable with. Thanks for coming along on this journey with me.


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