Create Your Own Blogging Goals

Heading into 2019, my attitude toward everything is quickly becoming “yeah, whatever dude”. I’m going to create the things that I want to create, the way that I want to create them. If that means they don’t have mass appeal, oh well. On a planet full of 7 billion people, I just need to connect with enough of them to earn a living. That extends to my blogging goals as well. I’m writing for me. I’m not writing for everyone. If it resonates with some people, great. If not… yeah, whatever dude.

The dark side of this, which is also the best example of this, are those dangerous echo chambers on social media. If dysfunctional sociopaths can find a support group, then there has to be an audience for those of us who have less malevolent interests. While they’re clearly catering to mass appeal, and it often feels as if they’ve gained it, they’re just fearlessly saying what they want to say, the way they want to say it. I’m not claiming that they’re role models by any means, but if the rest of us were more fearless, then maybe we could add some positivity and hope to a conversation that’s turned bleak.

This is why I’ve started posting content that I’d previously reserved for the zine. It’s being filed under the category cultural horror. Some people aren’t going to see how it fits with this site’s theme of simplify, create, thrive, and honestly, it took a while for me to understand how it’s all part of the whole. It comes down to two questions: What are we making, and why are we making it?

Create Your Own Blogging Goals

Minimalism is about getting rid of stuff we don’t need to make room for the stuff we want. I need to acknowledge the cultural horror, just like we need to acknowledge the clutter, the tasks that waste our time, and the toxic people that leach our energy. Then we can replace it with things that are joyful and uplifting. Write a blog for the same reasons — the goal is to shine a light on what you don’t need, and promote what you want.

We need to continue to create, even when it feels like we’re fiddling while Rome burns. Refuse to accept that this pervasive cultural horror is normal. We turn on the lights when the sun sets, which means acknowledging the darkness without giving in to it. See the ugliness so that you know where you need to create beauty. Write a blog for the same reasons — the goal is to replace the rudeness, cruelty, and willful ignorance with civility, kindness, and truth.

Live your life in the moments in between the chaos, and expand the peace, joy, and prosperity from there. Make every success matter. Count every step forward as an achievement. Acknowledge that things are hard right now, but understand why that means every small victory needs to be celebrated. Write a blog for the same reasons — to contrast the pain, loss, and failure against the fact that you’re still trying to make things better in small, personal ways.

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