New Year’s Day 2019

This morning I did not sleep in. My alarm was set for 6 am, so that I could hit the ground running. I did laundry, baked joulutorttu[efn_note]In searching for links to “Finnish Prune Tarts” I found a number of sites that have region-blocked Finland. I don’t blame the GDPR for that. I blame lazy site admins who find it easier to block Europe than be transparent about their use of cookies to collect data.[/efn_note] to go with our coffee at breakfast, and put down some word count on the current WIP. It’s New Year’s Day 2019, people. Forget the resolutions and start working on some goals!

Growing up outside of Philadelphia, New Year’s Day would be spent watching the Mummers Parade.  The thing would literally go on for 10 to 12 hours. Then I moved outside the region, and couldn’t see it. There was a time when I’d get up and watch the Tournament of Roses Parade. I’ve never been a football person. Now I just work. I’ve enjoyed the Christmas break, and now I’m ready to get back to accomplishing things.

I’m not going to bore you with another diatribe about how New Year’s resolutions are useless. They are; set a realistic goal and create an actionable plan, boom, I’m out. Over the coming week, though, I’m going to be posting about my personal and professional goals for 2019. I’m going to be asking for your support. I have one big hairy audacious goal that is the grand unifying theory for everything I’m doing. All of my plans are in service to that master plan. You can read about it on Friday.

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