Status: January 2019

This is a monthly status update for aka the Simplify, Create, Thrive blog. The purpose of this page is to communicate upcoming projects, works in progress, and other information of interest to readers. It will be updated periodically throughout the month. A new status page will be posted on the first of next month. Caveat: Nothing written here is set in stone. Everything is subject to change.

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13 January 2019

WordPress says I’m on a 29-day blogging streak. Posts for the coming week are already written and scheduled. I just released a new product for the 7th week in a row, and I have 4 more products in the pipeline ready to go. I get to focus on the first big book without interruption, and see no reason why I won’t be releasing something for 12 consecutive weeks. All of this is actually taking up less of my time, because I finally have my work flows and scheduling down. I’ve got far more time for self-care than I did a year ago. The Long Dark is pretty much over, the days are getting longer and the sunlight is brighter. Things are going well.

So of course my anxiety is starting in on me.

6 January 2019

Sunday is literally the busiest day of the week for me. Today the new podcast episode dropped. I launched the weekly newsletter-style post for this site. The actual newsletter for Dancing Lights Press re-launches later. I cooked our big Sunday dinner, then took down all of the Christmas decorations. Paid bills and balanced accounts, which I normally do on Monday morning but I’ve got [FNORD] to deal with tomorrow. Got swept up in drama over a Kickstarter I was marginally involved with. Blog posts for the coming month have been planned out (thank heavens for the 12 Days of Christmas taking me through Epiphany). I still need to add word count to the WIP and not break the chain. For now, I’m going to make myself another cup of coffee, spike it with Bailey’s and rewatch an episode f Game of Thrones.


  • Blogmas, i.e, posts about blogging, continues through the 6th (Epiphany).
  • Sundays – The podcast will be posted.
  • Sundays – A newsletter-style post summarizing the past week, teasing the coming week.
  • Mondays – A post related to the prior day’s podcast I’m nixing this idea out of the gate.

I’m going to continue the experiment of having one planned post per day, with an additional, off-the-cuff “cultural horror” post when something in the news grabs my attention.

Most of the scheduled posts this month will be about introducing and reintroducing myself, aligning the blog with my personal development journey, and trying to build some community here.


  • Sun Jan 6 – Topic: Art as Experiment
  • Sun Jan 13 – Topic: Art as Experiment, Part 2
  • Sun Jan 20 – Topic: Dancing Lights Press
  • Sun Jan 27 –  Topic: TBD, possibly the end of the Long Dark

This will be the first full month without the Patreon. Boilerplate text will contain a link to the Ko-Fi page.

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