2019 Plans: Dancing Lights Press

It might seem strange to be talking about this here, rather than at the Dancing Lights Press site. This is my reasoning: The Simplify, Create, Thrive blog is more about my process, and that site is about the product. Planning and organizing fits more with the themes of this blog than that one. There are also some bits about feelings, which are better suited for a personal site than a professional one. Remember, all of these 2019 Plans posts are leading up to one Big Hairy Audacious Goal that I’ll talk about on Friday. That goal is a personal thing, not a business thing, so in context this post fits better here.

This post is just about the creative side. I’l get down-and-dirty about the business side tomorrow. That’s where it gets scary. I also want to be clear that this isn’t a New Year’s resolution or a statement of intent. This has all been in the works since last March.

2019 Plans: Dancing Lights Press

The cornerstone of all of this is going to be the new edition of the Lighthouse System. All of the games released with be based on it. I’ve saying games, but what they’re actually playsets. An adventure, pregenerated characters, enough setting for context, and the rules you need to play. Minimal preparation required. There are going to be 3 settings, with multiple playsets per setting. Each will be 96 pages, priced at $10 USD.

There will be, with a few exceptions, a new release every single week in 2019. Most of these will be digital-only, 20 to 25 pages. Over time those will be collected into bundles by topics. It’s not as ridiculous as it sounds, because I have a workable schedule, I have a surplus so there’s always something ready to go in the event there’s a problem, and I have contingencies in place.

  • A new game each month, in both digital and print formats.
  • A new digital release each week which will usually be on Friday.
  • A weekly “opinion piece” blog post, every Sunday at 12pm EST.
  • A weekly newsletter, every Sunday at 3pm EST.

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