Happy Epiphany 2019

The 12 Days of Christmas are over, and the holiday season has come to an end. This weekend we’ll take the decorations down and pack them away until next year. We’ll finish off the last of the leftovers, so we can begin eating healthier again. There will probably be one last hurrah for the Christmas music, as I reset the apartment back to normal.  Happy Epiphany 2019.

I love Epiphany, in a purely secular sense, because it perfectly bookends American Thanksgiving. You’re supposed to use the long weekend at the end of November to put up your Christmas decorations. Even though I listen to holiday music earlier than that, the Christmas Police officially approve of holiday music starting on Black Friday. Epiphany marks the end of the season. I know some people stop listening to holiday music on December 26th and want the tree down by no later than January 2, but that’s ridiculous. It’s still Christmas!

Epiphany is an official holiday here in Finland. Everything is closed. Some folks are bummed that it falls on Sunday this year, because they don’t get the day off. Most people I know are ready for the season to be over, so they can get back to work. I’m in that camp. As much as I love the holidays, part of what makes them special is that they’re fleeting. I’m happy for the chance to say goodbye, but it’s time to get on with this brand new year!

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