The Newsletter: 13 January 2019

This is the weekly status update for Simplify, Create, Thrive, the blog of Berin Kinsman. It’s not technically a newsletter, but I’d rather you subscribe to the blog for email updates than have you redundantly sign up for two things. I’m going to publish this every Sunday at around 3pm EST.

The Newsletter: 13 January 2019

This week went by quickly, which kind of bothers me. It feels like I’m missing something. According to my bullet journal I got everything done that needed to be done. I certainly felt productive. What I think I wanted was more time for introspection and reflection. As I accomplish things, I need to have a little time to absorb that fact and process what I’ve done. I need to be able to step back and appreciate my own handiwork, not as an ego boost but as a basic acknowledgement of my efforts.

Who I Am and Who I Want to Be

The irony of wanting more reflection and introspect is that many of my blog posts this month are about that. I’m taking some time to evaluate who I am and who I want to be. Not only does this feed into my plans for this year, it’s a way to reacquaint myself with long-time readers and introduce myself to new ones. Here are the posts in that series from the past week, in case you missed them.

Other Blog Posts

Those weren’t the only things I wrote about this week. There were posts that stuck to the theme of simplify, create, thrive. Here’s the “best of” collection of those posts, in case you missed them.


Today we dropped the second part of a two-part episode on Katie’s artwork and the processes she uses to create it. Recording two episodes at once was nice, because this weekend we didn’t have to record at all so we got to focus on other things. The downside is that Part 2 doesn’t have a “host chat” segment where we catch up on things. That just means we’ll have more to talk about next episode.

In the coming weeks we’ll do an episode about my creative process and my business. There will also be an episode about the end of the Long Dark, either on the last weekend in January or the first weekend of February.

Coming Up

There will probably only be one post per day this week. They’ve already been written and scheduled. I wrote about it the other day, but to provide a short recap I’ll be cloistering in and giving all of my attention to a large writing project. I’ve got a chance to spend 3 days doing nothing but deep work on one thing. All other business and errands have been shoved into the other two days. It’s a bit of an experiment. While it’s unlikely to become my new work flow, sometimes it’s fun to shake things up.

Thanks and Gratitude

Traffic is up! So are subscribers! People are leaving comments! I want to thank everyone for coming along with me on this journey. Things are still a little chopped, but I think that my efforts to be more open and authentic here on the blog are paying off. It’s going to take time, but if you stick with me while I stick with it, we can get a little community going here.

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