3 Things I’m Hoping to Change

Can I just have a moment to take issue with the title of my own blog post here? I take umbrage at the word “hoping”. Make a plan and get it done. Work on building or breaking a habit, and stick to it. Take action! If all we did was sit around hoping to change, nothing would get done.

Maybe that’s what this post should be about, though. Not what lies within my control, but the things that are outside of my sphere of influence! The stuff that, while I can’t really do anything about, I remain optimistic that maybe someone who can will take up the cause.

3 Things I’m Hoping to Change

There’s not a lot of brainstorming required on this. If I’m going to make wishes, they should be big wishes. No “make people more polite” or “get Nazis off the internet” crap. Let’s go straight for the stuff that is impractical at least and impossible at worst.

Fix the Climate

With a wave of my hand, people stop denying the settled science of climate change and do something about it. We all go green, stop eating beef, and switch to renewable energy. All it will take is for people to be less selfish, better critical thinkers, and more willing to let go of harmful ideologies.

End Poverty

No more hungry children, no more homeless veterans (in the United States — it seems to be a uniquely American problem), and a living wage for everyone. The end of poverty would imply that we’ve solved racism, sexism, and other forms of bigotry as well. Yay! All it will take of for people to be less selfish.

Maintain World Peace

See what I did there? To maintain world peace requires achieving it first. This one stacks with fixing the climate, which is going to cause a lot of migration over the coming century. It also means that poverty and all that goes with it has been solved, so we’re not fighting over resources and wealth.

What I Can Do With This

Bottom line: I can look for people that are able to influence these things and support them. I can take whatever small actions I can to contribute toward the big picture. With the limited platform that I have, I can try to inform people of these issues, and ways that they might be fixed. And I can keep on having hope.

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  1. Sadly, there are homeless veterans in the UK as well. Homelessness is a growing issue here, government neglect and a benefits system that is not fit for purpose drives people onto the streets and keeps them there. It’s something that makes me cross, and I do what I can. Which isn’t enough.

    Yet consider a beach where a lot of starfish have been stranded, thousands of them. Someone’s wandering along the beach throwing them back in. A fellow looks at the thousands that remain stranded and says “You cannot make a difference, there are too many.” As another is thrown back in there comes a quiet reply “But I made a difference for that one.”

  2. I worked with the homeless for 3 year prior to leaving the US. The starfish paradigm was something I subscribed to as well .. at least I was doing something. In reality, as I attempted to throw as many as I could back into the ocean, there were people trying to block me from doing so. While that was happening, there were people in the surf pulling more starfish out of the water and throwing them onto the beach. It made me go a bit mad.

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