Fail Fast, Fail Forward, But Fail

Two years ago musician and filmmaker Spankie Valentine (yes, that’s her real name) had her YouTube channel brutally murdered by an algorithm change. Overnight, her 600,000 subscribers we no longer being notified when she posted new videos, and she wasn’t showing up in their feeds. While she eventually launched a new channel (SWOOP) and began rebuilding, her biggest regret is that it took her so long to do it. The reason for her long hesitation: she didn’t want to fail again, even though the “failure” wasn’t her fault.

In the video above, she talks about the one question that all of us should be asking ourselves. It ties in directly to the things I’m talking about here on the blog this month. She cuts straight to the intersection of ambition and identity. Please watch. It’s worth 14 minutes of your time, and will help support a creator that I find worthwhile.

Oh, and the guy in the video is her sidekick, Dirt.

What I love about the SWOOP videos is that she’s equal parts fearless and vulnerable. She’s open and honest about how hard it is to put yourself out there as a creator. Spankie doesn’t shy away from discussing her depression and anxiety, and how it affects her work. The way that she can talk about her pain while still being positive is inspirational to me.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I need to get back to doing things that bring me closer to what I want…

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