Navigating Digital Information

Navigating Digital Information

A month ago, author John Green quit social media. He’s spending more time reading newspapers, meeting with people face to face, and just enjoying the lack of interruptions. All of which sounds strangely familiar to me. Hmm. He’s also hosting a free course on Navigating Digital Information. The series is backed by MediaWise, The Poynter Institute, and The Stanford History Education Group, so it’s not just some guy yelling at a cloud.

I also recommend the series on Media Literacy that Crash Course published last year, hosted by Jay Smooth. It drives home the point that we’re still in the digital wild west. This is still new, and there are no established rules. When there’s no accountability, it’s up to us question what we’re being told. We need to be able to see the agendas being pushed and the lies being told.

Make time to watch these videos. Share them with friends. Beat them over the heads of people with under-developed critical thinking skills. It’s important. The only way we’re going to turn things around and save the world is to nip this cascading cluster of willful ignorance in the bud.

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