3 Things I Want More Of

In writing a post about things I want more of, it’s tempting to just say “money, money, and more money”. I am not a greedy person, nor am I materialistic person. However, we live in a consumerist/capitalist world where you’re judged based on your credit score and bank balance. I would really just like enough money to be able to do what I want and be left alone otherwise. But who wouldn’t? So this post isn’t going to be about money. There are other things I want more of.

3 Things I Want More Of

My methodology on this one was simple. I went back through my journals looking for dissatisfiers. Where are my unfulfilled needs? What am I struggling with? Are there things that I have, but don’t necessarily have enough of, and lack the means to just go out and get? It took a little filtering, but this is what I cam up with.


This is not just a desire to be lazy. It’s increasingly becoming a health issue. I don’t sleep much, and I don’t sleep well. All I want is the same, normal 8 hours of restful sleep that most other people get. The issues are chronic pain and anxiety, who usually have a tag team thing going on. I have a schedule, and routines. That includes meditation and the elimination of screen time. My caffeine intake is regulated, so I’m not drinking any past about 3 in the afternoon. I can’t do chamomile tea, because it upsets my stomach. Small amounts of alcohol work, but they also hurt my stomach.

Time to Read

All of my reading time these days is taken up with business books (for work), tabletop roleplaying games (also for work), and learning Finnish (because duh). I’m currently reading a novel, but only because I’m adapting it into a roleplaying game. I would very much like to have more time to read for pleasure. There was a time when I would read before bed. Since moving to Finland, I have few physical books and tend to read on a tablet. See above about screen time. It’s a matter of finding a good time in my day, when it’s not cutting into my work flow.

Vegetarian Meals

No, I am not going vegetarian and I am certainly not going vegan. If that works for you, godspeed and I support you. There are animal rights reasons I want to eat less meat, and climate change reasons, but mainly health reasons. It’s an issue of storage in a small kitchen with a tiny fridge. Produce here isn’t bred to have a  long shelf life like in the US, which is why it has, you know, flavor. I’d have to make more frequent trips to the store. Right now we do a lot of soups, salads, and stir fries, but I’d like to cooks some other things more often.

What I Can Do With This

As with everything else, it’s a matter of making a plan. Being aware of these desires, I can start to work them into my schedule. That’s all there is to it, really. Not everything is a deep, profound revelation. Sometimes you just need to figure things out, then go do it.

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