The Newsletter: 20 January 2019

This is the weekly status update for Simplify, Create, Thrive, the blog of Berin Kinsman. It’s not technically a newsletter, but I’d rather you subscribe to the blog for email updates than have you redundantly sign up for two things. I’m going to publish this every Sunday at around 3pm EST.

The Newsletter: 20 January 2019

All of the past week’s blog posts were written the week before. This allowed me to focus on other projects. It was an experiment, really, and I wasn’t particularly fond of it. While in theory I could concentrate on just on thing, I don’t know that it made me more productive. I feel that budgeting my time, and giving myself some space during the day to work on a variety of things, keeps me engaged. For the coming week, I’ll be writing the blog posts no more than a day in advance.

Who I Want to Be

This self-indulgent nonsense continues. I know that many people have said that these posts have been helpful to them, and I’m not belittling that. Yet I refuse to take myself too seriously, as many self-help and lifestyle bloggers tend to do.

I was going to run this series for the entire month of January. The point was to let you get to know me while I also tried to get to know myself better. Frankly, the topics I have for next week don’t particularly excite me. I think I’m burned out on this, and I’m ready to switch thing up. Which means I have no idea what I’m going to be blogging about for the next 10 days.


Normally I don’t like posting content in this space that I didn’t create. To fill the void of not writing daily posts, I inserted some videos to content that I thought was both useful and relevant to recent conversations on the site. It also allowed me to plug some other creators. Will this become a standard practice? I don’t know. I’m going to continue to experiment with it, and see if these posts attract hits and comments.

Cultural Horror

Keeping my exposure to the internet to a minimum this week meant that there were great, steaming piles of news waiting for me when I did peek. I thought about writing a post commenting on some of the stories that blew up while I wasn’t looking. There was one about a bully getting charged with assault for defending himself, while his attackers faced no punishment. The ridiculous kerfuffle over the shaving razor ad. The projection that 60% of coffee species are going to go extinct because of climate change.

In the end, the only thing I posted was the Flat Earth thing. Maybe in the coming week, in lieu of doing more introspective posts, I’ll write about the cultural horrors that keep popping up. The way we make life far more complicated than it has to be. How solutions to problems, especially the creative ones, keep getting squashed in favor of the way things have always been even though those things no longer work. I could talk about how some people are oppressed, and not allowed to thrive.

The Podcast

Whether it was the topic or YouTube algorithm tomfoolery, the last two episodes did not do well. Listeners dropped. I’d like your feedback, if you want to offer any. Today’s episode is back to talking about Finland, which seems to be all anyone cares about.

Thanks and Gratitude

Writing a generic thank you section every week is going to start feeling repetitive and disingenuous. I want to do something, though, to acknowledge the way you brighten my day. Even though I’m writing this mainly for my own purposes, it means a lot to have people make the effort to read it and leave comments. Thank you.

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  1. The art experiment shows were, well, an experiment, and one I appreciated. I think they fit with the new face of the show, and maybe people just need time to get used to the change.

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