Bird Box is a Metaphor for the Internet

  • First, I know that I’m late to the party on making Bird Box jokes, and second, that was a joke. I do not seriously believe that the movie was a metaphor for anything. And that’s where I stop talking about Bird Box before the angry fans descend upon me.
  • Apparently there’s a woman in England with the same name as the American football player that kept that one sportsball team from going to the Big Bowl Thing. She’s been getting death threats, because of course the reasonable thing to do when your team loses for a bad reason is to open social media and start attacking the first person you find with the name of the person you’re upset with.
  • Yes, we’re doing this because I can’t even with the politics. It’s all the same stupidity on parade.
  • Even limiting internet usage to work and allegedly happy-fun-stuff, garbage bleeds through. Someone, likely a group of someones, is posing as influencers on YouTube. They’re creating fake accounts, but using the same profile picks and similar names. Then they reach out to fans to try to scam them. What’s the logical thing to do? Report and block? Noooo, you leave comments for the creator — on their verified account — and ask if they’ve been hacked. Because someone’s using a different account. Or you leave comments asking if the other account is really them.
  • Then there’s this NASA lawsuit. The tl;dr on this is that a woman bought a bag used on the Apollo 11 mission to collect moon rocks. She spent $995 on it. She asked NASA to authenticate it. They had no record of selling it, determined it was stolen, and kept it. She sued and got it back. It sold at auction for $1.8 million, but she’s suing NASA again because she thinks it should have fetched $4 million. Her claim is that it had moon rock dust in it when she gave it to them, and it didn’t when they gave it back, which diminished its value. Now she wants money for her emotional distress.
  • I slept hard, which is good. Unfortunately I “slept wrong” and woke up with a dislocated shoulder, which is bad. I’ve dislocated it so many times, though, that I know how to pop it right back into place which is… probably a net not good, but it wasn’t a major inconvenience requiring a trip to the hospital or anything, so I’ll count it as a win.
  • On the definitive upside, today is pizza day at our house. And it’s frozen pizza, so I don’t have to worry about delivery drivers or anything.

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  1. Let me quote you something from NeoTribes, a Cyberpunk 2020 sourcebook published in 1994 by R. Ralsorian Games, but written as if looking back from their alternate history view of 2020.

    “It is now accepted amongst historical scholars that in the decades before the Collapse, America suffered from the sicknesses of racism and ‘cultural identity’. Everyone wanted to be seen as special. Every group had to be ‘equal’ to or preferably better than its neighbours, and fought to protect its ‘special’ rights.If anyone had something that someone else wanted, they were painted as racist, sexist, elitist or worse. This divisive ‘me first’ attitude eventually tore the fabric of American culture apart and caused it to self-destruct in a fireball of competing ideologies none of which truly recognised each other’s validity. Diversity led inexorably to anarchy.”

    They put this ‘Collapse’ at around the year 2000, but it seems to me that they just ran this scenario a few years early. The present-day state appears to be in this state of selfish groups unwilling to admit that anyone else could possibly have a valid point of view.

    I’ve not seen Bird Box, from all I’ve heard I am not sure that I want to.

  2. That’s not precisely how I see it, but yeah, there is a lot of partisan relativism. When our side does it, then it’s great. When their side does the exact same thing, it’s awful.

    You don’t want to see Bird Box.

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