Saturday is My Busiest Day

The best part of Saturday is the morning. I usually make an easy breakfast, then Katie and I spend a couple of hours drinking coffee and watching cartoons. It’s all downhill from there, because Saturday is my busiest day.

Saturday is My Busiest Day

Around mid-morning we record the podcast. Then I get that mixed and converted. I write the copy, and get it scheduled on here and YouTube. By that time it’s lunch. I make something,  we watch another cartoon or two while we eat, and I clean up the kitchen.

In the afternoon, if I’m not ahead of schedule, I write blog posts. I need at least two posts for this site, on for today and another for tomorrow. Sunday’s post has to be done so I can include it in the newsletter. Then I have to put together the newsletter, and get that scheduled.

The exact same process repeats for the Dancing Lights Press site. Blog posts for today and tomorrow, and the newsletter. The extra step there is getting it set up and scheduled on MailChimp.

I still have to add word count to the work-in-progress. No weekends off. Don’t break the chain. Whether I put in less time than I do on a weekday depends on how the prior week went, and what the coming week looks like. If there are appointments and interruptions and things that are going to cut into my writing, I use Saturday to compensate. If all is clear, I can do a token “I touched the manuscript” and move on.

Recently I shifted planning my week and setting up my bullet journal from Sunday to Saturday. I’m trying to do less on Sundays, but that just means shifting things to other days. I try to save this for the evening, usually while I watch a movie.

Compared to Other Days

Most other days I can focus on the work-in-progress. There are a couple of hours of business tasks, and maybe an hour of blogging, and that’s it. Saturday feels like a lot more work because I have to touch so many projects. Also, it’s Saturday, which is supposed to be a day off.

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  1. Yes. Saturday mornings are for cartoons. After 50 plus years it’s a habit(addiction?) I cannot quit. It works so well for separating the weekend mood from the weekday one and decompressing for the weekend.

  2. Unlike you, after 5 10-hour days, I really need the downtime to recover and catch-up on housework.

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