Allowing Things to Evolve

The part of blogging that I’ve enjoyed most over the past month or so have been allowing things to evolve organically. It goes against every single piece of blogging advice, or general writing advice, that you’re likely to find, but I find it deeply satisfying. Instead of figure out what I want to say, how I want to say it, and meticulously pouring over every word, I just write. I pick a topic and essentially just free write. Sometimes it all comes together as a piece. Other times, the thesis strikes me part way through, or even at the end, and I have to go back and rewrite. The results might be a little rough, but they’re all me. That’s what this space is supposed to be for. If this blog isn’t exactly polished, at least it’s becoming increasingly more authentic.


Doing this in a sort of stream-of-conscience fashion definitely makes this easier for me. I block out time each day to write, look at the topic, and go. I’m not spending an inordinate amount of time outside of “blog time” thinking about upcoming posts. It declutters my attention span so I can focus on what’s in front of me. It’s the same methodology of having an outline for the work-in-progress, and knowing what I need to be working on when I sit down to that.


This month I’ve been working with a topic list. I already have topics assigned to each day for February and March as well. That doesn’t mean that I have to stick to it. When an idea pops into my head, or there’s something that I’m burning to write about, I run with that. Yet when I don’t have any ideas, that topic list becomes a creative challenge. How can I come up with at least 300 words on that? How do I frame that in the context of simplify, create, thrive? It’s a lot of fun, and not every post is a masterpiece of prose, but it makes me think.


On a typical day, I’m writing this blog as I finish my second cup of coffee. I’m at my desk, but I’m not at work yet. It allows me to warm up and ease into the right mindset for writing. I begin to focus. At the same time, there’s really no risk involved. This blog isn’t monetized, aside from the “buy me a coffee” button and the occasional reminder that that is a thing you can do. It’s an important part of my work flow, but it’s also an act of self-care, and a way to connect with people.

Allowing Things to Evolve

I think if there’s a message in here, it’s that life is messy. We can organize things, we can make things, we can do what we can to live our best lives, but there are still going to be rough edges, unexpected swerves, and stray thoughts. Learn how to roll with it. This blog was no fun to write, and probably no fun to read, when I was far more rigid about it. I have have some discipline around it, but it’s a lot looser and far more free-form.

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  1. There’s still some unevenness to it. Some posts are more coherent than others, and the number of readers seems to swing wildly with no pattern as to topic, time, or day. But the more I do this consistently, the more I find my voice.

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