Status: February 2019

This is a monthly status update for aka the Simplify, Create, Thrive blog. The purpose of this page is to communicate upcoming projects, works in progress, and other information of interest to readers. It will be updated periodically throughout the month. A new status page will be posted on the first of next month. Caveat: Nothing written here is set in stone. Everything is subject to change.

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2019 Plans

In order to differentiate this monthly update from the weekly newsletter, I’m going to shift some of the focus to the status of my major goals. We’ll see how I’m doing, and whether I’m staying on track and making progress from month to month.

Simplify, Create, Thrive – I have managed to post something every day, and have settled into a comfortable routine. Now I can focus on improving content, building audience, and other things. The newsletter and the podcast are slowly getting fine tuned, but the consistency is already there.

Only one thing on the goal list hasn’t come to fruition, and that’s adding a zine-like element. Part of me doesn’t see the point of compiling the prior month’s posts into an e-book format. Not when internet connectivity is ubiquitous and you can just read the posts. I have ideas, but I still haven’t determined a venue to post it to.

Dancing Lights Press – I’ve consistently released something new every week. There have been new blog posts every Saturday and Sunday, and the newsletter on Sunday as well. The Lighthouse System Core Book was supposed to be released on February 1, but I made the decision to push it back a week because DriveThruRPG is having site issues. It’s too important a release to drop when people are having trouble getting to the site, making purchases, or downloading files.

I considered releasing one of the two smaller books I have ready to go, just to maintain the record of weekly releases, but the publisher tools weren’t working when I tried to do that. The same goes for adding a new bundle, that function was down. So the streak is broken, not because I didn’t do the work, but because stuff happens.

This does drive home the point that I need to diversify my revenue streams and find other venues to sell me work.

Business Growth – For various and sundry reasons, registering as a Finnish business has been pushed back to June/July. I am continuing to work on the business plan, but it’s less urgent. Honestly, at this phase I’d rather work on improving my marketing and finding new sales venues than writing an explanation of what I do.

The website/newsletter are a higher priority, as is growing sales on Amazon. That’s where I have the greatest potential to increase my reach. This starts breaking down into plans-within-plans, and ultimate does feed into the overall business plan.

Stay in Finland – There’s some confusion as to whether our residence is good until April or July. It’s a long story that I don’t even want to get into. We’re going to keep the basis of our residence as Katie’s studies through the end of July, again, for reasons that make sense but I don’t want to have to try to explain. After that, it will change to either me being a business, Katie having a job, or both.

Many things remain outside of our control. We’re both doing everything that we’re able to do. I’m trying to be sure we’re prepared for several different contingencies, both good an bad. These range from Katie getting a job in a different part of the country and we have to move, to Katie getting a job in a different country and we have to move and do a completely different immigration dance. All of which involve moving, and I hate moving.


The formula for the moment is time, topic, and free writing. I’ve got time set aside every day to write a blog post. There’s a list with a new topic for each day of the month. Then it’s a matter of sitting down and seeing what I can do with that topic.


Katie and I haven’t decided on any topics for the coming weeks. We could talk about the weather, Friendship Day, or Ski Week. I suspect that if the United States government shuts down again after February 15th, we’ll talk about that. We may jump onto anything major that pops up in the news. I still want to do an episode about my business, but I don’t know how interesting people would find that.

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  1. I would love to hear more about your business, specifically the ways that your business education prepared and failed to prepare you for your current situation.

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