The Newsletter: 3 February 2019

This is the weekly status update for Simplify, Create, Thrive, the blog of Berin Kinsman. It’s not technically a newsletter, but I’d rather you subscribe to the blog for email updates than have you redundantly sign up for two things. I’m going to publish this every Sunday at around 3pm EST.

The Newsletter: 3 February 2019

This is not the regular newsletter. I’m not going to give you the normal recap of the past week’s content, with a look forward at the coming week. For whatever reason, I am simply out of spoons at the moment, and am trying to save my energy so that I can create next week’s blog posts. After this gets sent out, I’m going to go take a nap.

I did want to comment, albeit briefly, on one post. For some reason The Meaning of My Name brought trolls out of the woodwork. This is why comments are held for moderation. I rolled my eyes, chuckled at the stupidity on display, and banned them by IP. Negative comments rarely get to me. Usually it’s the lack of positive comments when I think I’ve written something I think  is interesting or useful that bugs me.

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  1. Never engage in a duel of wits with an unarmed person 🙂

    It’s nobody’s business but your own – although quite interesting – how you came by your name.

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