Interlude: Out of Spoons

This is being written on Monday night, to be posted on Tuesday morning. I’m using my last spoon for this. Then tomorrow 100% of my energy can go into the big product launch on Friday. Assuming, of course, that I don’t crash and burn before then. It’s shaping up to be a rough week. That’s not so much a complaint as an acknowledgement that I’m in pain, I’m emotionally wiped out, and I need to manage the situation as best I can.

My only nod to the big bowl thing was re-watching Lady Gaga’s halftime show from two years ago (the wires are fake; I’m convinced she can actually fly). I followed that up with Gaga: Five Foot Two, the documentary about her on Netflix. It’s something that I put on as background noise when I have chronic pain issues but have to do creative work, because a huge swath of the thing is about her dealing with chronic pain issues while having to do creative work.

Our residence in Finland has officially been extended through the end of July. That gives me until roughly the middle of June to get all of my business plans executed. This has been a major consumer of spoons for the past couple of weeks. It’s off my mind and off my plate which, again, gives me hope that tomorrow I can just focus on the business and not have to worry about anything else for a couple of months.

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