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“Something else for my to-do list is to retune my internet. I’ve been taking five minutes here and there, but I need to give it a couple of hours soon. Here are the rules. Facebook is for misery, so don’t use it, at all. Twitter is for news, so just read it. Instagram is for joy, for as long as Instagram lasts, so filter it well. RSS is for information, good writing, music and the Isles of Blogging.

“If you gave up on RSS after Google Reader died, or are coming here after RSS became obscure, google free rss reader and try a few. I have a paid solution: Feedbin, connected on my phone to Reeder. Just try something — this link here is the RSS feed for John Coulthart’s superb { feuilleton } , for example, so just copy and paste that link into the subscription function of your chosen RSS reader.”

– Warren Ellis, Orbital Operations, 10 February 2019

My personal recommendation is Feedly, which I’ve used since Google Reader went away. I use a free account, but there’s a paid version with more features. All I need is to be able to group things by categories. To keep my life in balance I have two accounts. The personal account is filled with mostly fun stuff, podcasts, and blogs relevant to this one. The business account has feeds on general publishing, general business news, RPG publishers, and RPG blogs.

I have had more conversations about blogs this week than I have in a long time. A few people mentioned that they missed them, even though they haven’t gone away. It just became more convenient to stick your head into the social media portal of choice. The lack of one grand unifying feed reader like Google Reader also hurt blogging. I think if someone came up with an interface that made an RSS feed reader look like a social network, it would accelerate the resurgence.

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  1. With the disintegration of all things google (reader, plus, community), and my own recent pruning of my social media I’ve decided the solution for me is to just barnacle here at wordpress. I sign in and it is my reader. I can book mark anything off of wordpress easily enough, because – so far – there isn’t a whole lot that is off wordpress that I want to read often enough to “subscribe.”

  2. Maybe that’s an idea for a final year student project. As it happens, I run final year student projects for Computer Science at my university. If I still remember this in June when we start advertising projects, I’ll see if anyone is interested…

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