The Newsletter: 3 March 2019

This is the weekly status update for Simplify, Create, Thrive, the blog of Berin Kinsman. It’s not technically a newsletter, but I’d rather you subscribe to the blog for email updates than have you redundantly sign up for two things. I’m going to publish this every Sunday at around 3pm EST.

The Newsletter: 3 March 2019

It’s been suggested that I would get a lot more traffic if I spent more time talking about being a gender-non-conforming spoonie. Posts about nail polish and chronic pain would presumably make me more interesting. The thing is, to me that’s like talking about the color of the kitchen curtains. It might be engaging to bring it up once, but you can’t build a conversation around it. You might being it up now and again when there’s context for it, or when it provides context for other topics, but it hardly seems like enough fodder for an ongoing blog.

I was also raised to believe that it’s tacky to draw attention to yourself. Don’t complain about your troubles. Be yourself and have your quirks, but don’t use them to scream “Look at me! Look at me!“. This, of course, has been my ongoing struggle with running a blog and having to be the face of a business. Layer in the fact that I’m an introvert, and I frequently wonder what I’m even doing here.

On the Blog

As I posted the other day, things are going well but I’m taking a short break from this blog. Just a week. There won’t be any new posts between now and next week’s newsletter. I want to focus on some other projects that need a little extra attention at the moment. There’s also a need for some additional self-care, which I could spend the entire week writing about if I were so inclined. Nothing unusual, just basic management of my health issues. I’m making prioritizing things so that I have the time and energy to do what needs to be done.

I’m not being petulant because the forum is a dud. This is something I’ve planned for about a month. The way my deadlines fell, this week seemed the perfect time to step back. I won’t lie and say that the lack of engagement didn’t make it an easy choice. But there were many other factors that sort of converged and created the need to step away for a bit.

Thanks and Gratitude

Writing a generic thank you section every week is going to start feeling repetitive and disingenuous. I want to do something, though, to acknowledge the way you brighten my day. Even though I’m writing this mainly for my own purposes, it means a lot to have people make the effort to read it and leave comments. Thank you.

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