2020 Reminds Us How Fragile We Are

If I had to state one takeaway from 2020 so far, I’d say that it has reminded us how fragile we are. That takes different forms for different people, of course. I can already image someone jumping in to insist that he is not fragile, demonstrating how delicate and brittle his ego is.

We’ve all realized, in a myriad of ways, how much we’re at the mercy of the dangerously adolescent-minded members of this tenuous society. Those who, like a teenager, feel they’re immortal and indestructible and that the rules don’t apply to them. Sure, knucklehead, you’ll probably survive if you catch COVID-19, but I won’t. I think some covidiots enjoy not wearing a mask because it demonstrates that they have a power over life and death that many of us don’t.

This extends to the cavalier attitudes of those who don’t rely on the USPS. It’s the backbone of a lot of small businesses. Folks rely on it for a wide range of reasons. Yet people who don’t have skin in the game are making decisions that negatively impact others. At some point it doesn’t matter if they’re genuinely heartless or simply clueless; we remain at their mercy.

I don’t know what to do about this. My only hope is that empathy, compassion, and legitimate democracy come back into vogue sooner rather than later.

2020 Reminds Us How Fragile We Are

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