In Case You Missed It: 21 June 2021

21 June 2021: In case you missed it, here’s what’s happening.

Moving Update

One of the reasons I’m a minimalist is because I hate moving. There was a period in my life when I moved 11 times in 10 years. In that time I lived in 3 different states. Every time there was an element of “Why do I own this, and why do I keep dragging it around?“. Most minimalists assess every purchase through a filter of where they’ll put it in their home. I look at things in terms of whether I’m willing to move it sometime in the future.

My criteria have come down to comfort and practicality. I like a comfortable bed, nice towels, and a good desk chair. I need basic cookware and a desk to work at. Fewer, better things is the way to go. Loading moving trucks, packing carload after carload of boxes into a car, that’s not my jam. As I get older, it’s not as easy. I can hire movers to do it, but that costs money.

Dancing Lights Press

Last week my publishing company released Notorious Pirates, written by Henry Osborn Taylor and edited by me. You can visit the Dancing Lights Press website for a full rundown of upcoming releases and the latest information. The company also has a newsletter, which will be relaunching in July.


Aside from these updates, the blog is currently on hiatus. Once the projects listed below start rolling I will resume posting more regularly. As I have finally come to accept that blogs are dead, this will become more of a support system for the podcast, zine, and other media projects, rather than its own thing.


A new weekly newsletter will be launching in August, centered on my current running themes of minimalism, defiance, and inner peace. This will be an actual email newsletter powered by MailChimp. You can check the Newsletter page for the most current information, and to subscribe now so you don’t miss out.


I will be launching a new monthly zine in August. Issues will be themed, but the main topic will always be minimalism. The zine will be offered in both print and electronic formats. Details have yet to be finalized, but it will likely be made available through my Patreon first, with digital copies for sale on other venues at a later date. You can check the Zine page for the most current information.


The podcast is also on hiatus, pending the move to new studio space and the acquisition of better recording equipment. The topics and format will remain the same as the 6 “proof of concept” episodes currently available for free on my Patreon. You can check the Podcast page for the most current information.

Katie Kinsman, Artist

Katie’s web shop will reopen in late July. You can still visit Katie’s website to read her highly informative blog posts about life as a fine artist and art educator, and to view many photographs of her work. The shop will reopen after we’ve moved and settled in.

21 June 2021: In Case You Missed It

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