Hubris: 3 January 2021

This is Hubris: 3 January 2021 edition. It’s the newsletter where I have the audacity to think I’ve written something worth reading.

Happy New Year! I want to wish all of you good health and happiness in 2021.

My new mantra is a quote from George Washington Carver: “Start where you are, with what you have. Make something of it and never be satisfied.” The only way things get better is when we deliberately set out to make them better. No matter how small your actions may feel in the context of this world gone mad, they matter.

New Year, New Bujo

The past two weeks have been a pain in my butt. I’m happy to be down to one bullet journal. Moving between the old journal for last year, the new one for this year, and a separate project journal has been a loathsome juggling act. Hopefully having one book at a time, with all of my information in one place, will work better. If I have to get a new journal every quarter because it fills up quickly, that’s okay. My daily process will be streamlined. I’ll have an archive of old notes, threaded across books, to refer to. And I’ll have a valid excuse to go shopping for new journals.

Inside Baseball

I’m kind of resentful. News sites covering my publishing niche won’t run my business’s press releases, but they linked to a post on my personal blog. Of course it’s their prerogative to publish whatever they want. It just seems kind of crap, from an editorial policy position, to not run a new release announcement because it’s not on Kickstarter, but validate some offhand “inside baseball” comments.

This is where I point out that I just paid my rent a few day ago, for the 55th month in a row, with money earned solely from this publishing niche. I make a modest living in a space where people complain that it’s impossible to pursue this as a full-time job. I have over 150 bestselling titles in this category. But please, gatekeepers, continue to not take me seriously. Acknowledge that I know what I’m talking about when it’s expressed in a personal blog post, but ignore my products. I’ll be over here, in my modest little kitchen, being quietly successful.

Before anyone starts in with “oh, Berin’s being negative again,” no. I’m not. I know my worth, I know my accomplishments, and I recognize them even if very few others do. Last year I published 12 books, 8 issues of a zine, and two regularly updated blogs. This coming year I intended to go bigger, be bolder, and to become so good that they can’t ignore me any longer. I’m not being petulant. I’m getting ready to roar.


I’m tired of struggling to find balance between the Mr. Rogers side of my personality, and the Incredible Hulk part of me. There is no dichotomy. I am me. These are tools in my toolbox. When someone needs compassion and understanding, I have it within me to provide that. But if what they need is a brutal kick in the head, I can do that too.

Clearly you don’t break out the sledgehammer when you need the precision of a scalpel. It is entirely possible to misjudge situations, or to react inappropriately. That doesn’t mean you throw the tools out. You just need to understand how to select the right tool for the job at hand.

Katie’s New Year Art Sale

As I wrote yesterday, Katie is having a massive 50% off sale in her web store.

I’m having a super-duper big sale to kick-off the new year! If there are any pieces of my artwork that you have been wanting to purchase now is the time! There will be pieces of my artwork pulled from my online shop on January 11, 2021 and no longer offered for sale. So, to reiterate, if you’ve been wanting to purchase a specific piece, you have ten days to do it!

Go check out the sale on Katie’s website!

In Case You Missed It

That’s it for Hubris: 3 January 2021 edition. Tune in next week for more of whatever the hell this is. 


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