3 More Finnish Things I’m Grateful For

Here are 3 more Finnish things I’m grateful for. Not all of these are exclusive to Finland. They are all things that have made me wonder why the United States doesn’t have these things.


The keys used here are amazing things. They’re not the simple-cut things used in locks in America. These are odd, square tubes with intricate cuts. and they look like alien artifacts. Not only are they a lot more difficult to duplicate (making them both more secure and more expensive), they can open multiple different things. My apartment key will let me into our apartment, duh, nut it also opens the front door to the buiding, the bike house (a building where bicycles are parked), the trash house (where the recycling bins are sheltered against the weather), the laundry room, and the gym. But it won’t open my neighbor’s apartment door, even though they can also access other amenities. It also won’t let me into buildings in the complex that I don’t need access to. And none of this is electronic. It’s all in the cuts and grooves.


Eggs here taste better. They also don’t need to be refrigerated, and can sit in the cupboard for up to a month. That’s why when I stock up for the winter you might find up to 6 cartons in my cupboard. You can eat them raw with no worry about salmonella. It’s because the food safety standards here are so high. No factory farming, at least not the way Americans do it. There’s a lot of testing. If salmonella pops up, they basically destroy all of the chickens, burn down the farm, and salt the ground for 7 generations. That’s only a slight exaggeration.

Electrical Outlets

You’d think that, aside from the prongs being shaped differently, this would be no big deal. If you’re American, let me ask you this: have you ever plugged something into the wall only to have the plug start to pull out of the socket? Or have something come unplugged because gravity eventually wins? Yeah, not here. First, the pins are longer. The weight of the cord isn’t going to pull them loose. Second, in many cases the whole plug goes into the recessed socked. The socket a round hole; the plug is a round puck. It snaps together and doesn’t move. Is it a big deal? Not really. Does the whole thing just feel a lot safer? Definitely.

3 More Finnish Things I’m Grateful For

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