In Case You Missed It: 31 May 2021

31 May 2021: In case you missed it, here’s what’s happening with Katie and I at the moment. This is my attempt to let friends and supporters know what’s going on during the stressful period of transition, without providing too much information to our delightful stalker. Yay.

Moving and Minimalism

Understand that what I’m about to say does not mean I am ungrateful to people that have helped us along the way. We would not be able to pull off the upcoming move without the aid of so many wonderful friends. In packing up the kitchen, sorting things I want to keep from things that need to be re-homed, I had an uncomfortable epiphany.

The hardest part of living a minimalist lifestyle, for me, is saying no to people. They see that you don’t have certain things, common objects that they assume everyone should have. In an effort to be genuinely helpful, they gift you these things. Maybe they have an extra one. Perhaps they got a new one, and are re-homing their old one to you. They may have bought you a new or gently used one. Because they’re being kind, it’s impossible to tell them that I don’t have one because I don’t want one.

This is how I have enough dishes to entertain 40 people. Our dining area seats 2 comfortably, 4 reasonably, and has had as many as 10 people crammed in for game nights. We don’t need that many plates, bowls, and other accoutrements. I understand that someday we might have a bigger place and want to entertain. That forces me to have to pack and move this stuff until we finally have said bigger place. I love you, but you’re killing me.

But Wait, There’s More

I have 3 drawers full of specialty kitchen gadgets. All manner of peelers and openers and pressed and crushers and wamels and faddles and throm-dim-bu-lators. I smash and chop garlic with the edge of a chef’s knife, mash potatoes with a fork, and have been known to roll out pastry with a clean glass jar rather than a rolling pin. Yes, I’m weird.

After we move, there will inevitable things that we do need. Most of it we can get for ourselves. If friends want to help, I implore you to ask what we need first. At some point, after we’ve got a post office box, Katie and I will both be setting up Amazon wishlists.

Dancing Lights Press

Today is the 5th anniversary of Dancing Lights Press. I have been writing and publishing tabletop roleplaying game material full-time for five years, and making a modest living doing so. There are many people who say that these things are impossible, in this publishing niche, in this economy. Many of these people also say that I don’t do things “the right way”, which I will humbly suggest as a possible reason why my endeavors are profitable and theirs are not. If the methods of traditional publishing aren’t getting you where you want to be, you need to let go and start looking for new ways of doing things.

Last week we released Medieval Saints, written by Henry Osborn Taylor and edited by me. You can visit the Dancing Lights Press website for a full rundown of upcoming releases and the latest information. The company also has a newsletter, which will be relaunching in July.

Katie Kinsman, Artist

To facilitate the move, Katie will be shutting down her web shop on 12 June. No orders will be taken after that date. When the store reopens (planned for late July) not everything that is currently available will return. Some pieces will be going into the archive for a while, and Katie wants to use this opportunity to make some changes to the shop itself.

So if there’s something you truly want, get it now! You can visit Katie’s website to view her shop and read her highly informative blog posts about life as a fine artist and art educator.

More Moving Thoughts

Katie and I have been thinking about names for the shared studio space. You know, along the lines of famous places having names. Charles Foster Kane called his mansion Xanadu. Andy Warhol’s studio was called The Factory. The famous Frank Lloyd Wright house is called Falling Water. I think we need to get settled in before we land on something. Whatever it is, we’d best like it, because it will likely be the name of a future corporate entity.

We’ve also discussed using a fictional name for the location we’re moving to. Like the Isle of Fenwick, or the Republic of San Sombrero, or the Commonwealth of Lankhmar. I kind of enjoy the idea of making up something original, and then filling in details as we go along. The conceit would take a lot to maintain, though, and we’re not looking to hide our location forever. We just want to get settled in before it’s inevitably exposed and we have to deal with [STALKER].


Aside from these updates, the blog is currently on hiatus. Once the projects listed below start rolling I will resume posting more regularly. As I have finally come to accept that blogs are dead, this will become more of a support system for the podcast, zine, and other media projects, rather than its own thing.


A new weekly newsletter will be launching in August, centered on my current running themes of minimalism, defiance, and inner peace. This will be an actual email newsletter powered by MailChimp. You can check the Newsletter page for the most current information, and to subscribe now so you don’t miss out.


I will be launching a new monthly zine in August. Issues will be themed, but the main topic will always be minimalism. The zine will be offered in both print and electronic formats. Details have yet to be finalized, but it will likely be made available through my Patreon first, with digital copies for sale on other venues at a later date. You can check the Zine page for the most current information.


The podcast, now officially named Breathing Room, is also on hiatus pending the move to new studio space and the acquisition of better recording equipment. The topics and format will remain the same as the 6 “proof of concept” episodes currently available for free on my Patreon. You can check the Podcast page for the most current information.

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31 May 2021: In Case You Missed It

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