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Today’s Ambient: A 5-Hour Epic Music Mix

Today’s ambient offering is a 5-hour epic music mix. ThePrimeChronos is a YouTube channel devoted to “epic” music — orchestral, instrumental, soundtracks, and so on.

The daily ambient offering is a selection of the music that I put on while I’m writing. It is mostly instrumental and unobtrusive, creating atmosphere without becoming a distraction.  The goal is to find something that’s energizing but not overpowering. Every week I feature a different channel or artist.

There was a time when I created a soundtrack or playlist for each writing project. Not only was selecting music time-consuming, listening to the same songs over and over throughout the day became annoying. While I still usually have a “theme song” for each project that I play to get me into the right frame of mind, most of the music I select can be added to a playlist and put on a loop. I typically queue up several hours’ worth of background music so I won’t have to think about it for the rest of the work day.

A 5-Hour Epic Music Mix

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