5 Ways to Help Creators in 2020

Most writers, artists, and content creators are used to the feast-or-famine cycle of our chosen professions. This year has been particularly rough on many people, for reasons I shouldn’t have to explain. So I though I’d use today’s post to cover 5 ways to help creators in 2020, some of which cost nothing and only require a few minute of your time.

Help Creators Spread the Word

Like the creator’s posts. Share them, retweet them, and link to them as applicable. Let other people know that you enjoy the creator’s work. Help raise awareness that the creator even exists, and give people an idea of the sorts of things they create. Getting the word out is the hardest part of being a creative, and other people spreading the word can help creators a lot.

Leave a Comment

When a creator posts something, leave a positive comment. On most social media platforms, algorithms reward engagement by suggesting the post to other people. The more collective engagement a creator’s posts get, the harder the push they receive. Even on stand-alone blogs like this one, search engines will reward posts with higher engagement by ranking them higher in the results. Plus, most creators enjoy chatting with their audience.

Write a Review

If you’ve purchased something from a creator and enjoyed it, consider leaving a nice review. That social proof, the people do buy things from the creator and think they’re good, can tips the scales. Reviews help creators’ sales. Be honest, say something meaningful, but be kind. Even a short review with a 5-star rating can have a huge impact.

Send a Gift

Some people aren’t comfortable with things like tips jars or Ko-Fi. They don’t want to just give money, or find it impersonal. There are creators who use wishlists to ask for everything from art supplies to books they need for project research. It’s a meaningful way to support a struggling creator.

Help Creators: Buy Something

This is the obvious one, which is why I’ve saved it for last. Most creators will tell you where their work is available. Some, like my wife Katie, have their own online shops. Others, like me, link to places where their work is available in blog posts and social media updates. If you have put off buying something from them, and you have the means, now is the time.

5 Ways to Help Creators in 2020

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