Today is Our 6th Anniversary in Finland

In a lot of ways it’s hard to believe that we’ve been here this long. Katie and I aren’t doing anything special to celebrate our 6th anniversary in Finland, other than going about our normal lives. Which is sort of the whole point.

I don’t talk about being an American expat in Finland much these days. There are a lot of reasons. The biggest one is the political climate in the United States. I have the audacity to not just live someplace other than “America”, but actually like it and even prefer it. As such, I’ve been called a traitor, a commie, and far worse things along that general line. Not just by random internet weirdos. By (former) friends and family members. There have been threats. Enough to give me another reason to not want to go back.

There are a lot of people I know who would like to get out of the United States right now, but can’t. To the “love it or leave it” people I say: it should be so easy. I’m uncomfortable writing about why I love living in Finland so much, because I feel like I’m rubbing salt into the wounds of people suffering under the current regime. Plus, you know, the toxic nationalists who want to kill me for daring to engage in the pursuit of happiness somewhere else.

I am in many ways at the mercy of two governments. It is best to not make waves or draw too much attention to myself and my opinions. Most of my business comes from the United States. To make a living, I can’t upset anyone that might negatively impact my ability to sell my goods and move money around. 99% of my concerns originate on the other side of the Atlantic. I actually trust Finland to be reasonable.

So we’re going to mark this occasion by having a normal day. Hopefully, we’ll continue to have many more here.

Today is Our 6th Anniversary in Finland

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