78% of COVID Survivors Show Cardiac Damage

Yes, the study has a small sample size (100 patients). Some ‘Murcans are going to be dismissive because it’s not a ‘Murcan study. A lot of people just won’t know how to read the thing. But a new study out of Germany shows that 78% of COVID survivors show cardiac damage. These are people who did not have preexisting conditions, so it was the virus that did the damage.

The high-concept nonsense about lizard people, alien DNA, and demonic possession is distressing enough. It’s the everyday ignorance, though, that wears me down. The “99% survivable” myth is the one that makes me lose my cool. There’s the permanent cardiac damage, as noted above. Other studies indicate kidney damage and cognitive impairment. Polio was survivable, too, if you were okay with people in wheelchairs, needing crutches, and spending their lives in iron lungs.

Saying it’s “99% survivable” also show an ignorance of basic math. As of this moment, 30 July 2020, Johns Hopkins is showing that there are 150,708 deaths in the United States, out of 4,426,935 confirmed infections. That is a 3.4% mortality rate. Not 1%. And for those tempted to say “so it’s still 96.6% survivable” I point out that’s still over 150,000 people dead and potentially 3,453,009 with permanent heart problems.

Globally there are 667,011 deaths. That means that 22.5% of the deaths from COVID are in the United States. There are 16,978,206 cases globally, so the worldwide death rate is 3.9%. Still not 1% but sure, go ahead and brag that the percentage in the US is lower than the global average. Yeesh. That’s potentially over 13 million people with lifelong cardiac issues.

We’re all going to die of selfishness.

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