8 April 2020: The Latest Information

8 April 2020: As of this writing there are nearly 400,000 confirmed cases in the United States, with 12,910 deaths. According to the Our World in Data site run by Oxford University, U.S. deaths are doubling every 5 days.

On March 26 I calculated that the United States was looking at around 24,000 deaths by Easter. At that time there were only 800 confirmed deaths in the U.S. The rate of doubling was faster then, every 3 days, but there were periods where it dipped down to 2.

I am not a medical doctor or statistician. I’m just a normal person who checks facts and understands how basic math works. All I have to work with is the same publicly available information that anyone with internet access can find.

That’s what makes it utterly inexcusable that politicians are making terrible decisions based on hunches, their own “projections”, and ideologically-driven policies rather than verifiable information. I’m not qualified and can still figure this out. How can other people who are clearly unqualified but have access to expertise not find the truth with both hands and a flashlight.

What Functional Media Looks Like

A recent poll here in Finland shows that 72 percent of people surveyed trust the information they get from the mainstream media. This is what happens when journalistic integrity still exists, news is required to be factual, and opinion pieces are required to be labeled as such. It’s what happens when you have a strong education system and a populace that has good critical thinking skills. On a regular basis I’m asked by friends how some American “news organizations” are even legal.  All they do is spread falsehoods and lean into propaganda. The only answer I can give is “unchecked capitalism”.

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